Do you ship directly to Amazon?

We are happy to ship directly to Amazon fulfilment centres in the UK and EU for customers with whom we have an established trading relationship. This includes including applying carton labels (also known as FBA labels) but does not cover per-unit labelling. 

We currently do not charge for this service in the UK, though we reserve the right to do so in the future. For deliveries into Europe, there may be a per-carton charge for labelling prior to Amazon delivery.

Before sending goods directly to Amazon, please familiarise yourself with the information below. You'll be asked to confirm that you understand this when you place your first order to Amazon.

  1. We ship only full, unopened cartons to Amazon. This means we cannot group items into packs, polybag products or apply individual unit labels. You will need to arrange for all necessary prep to be completed by Amazon.
  2. We only accept mixed-SKU FBA labels - we cannot guarantee that any individual label will be attached to any individual carton. When you provide your labels to us, we load them into our despatch system and they are attached on a first-in first-out basis to the cartons as they are picked from the warehouse. As this isn't possible to predict in advance, you will need to provide mixed SKU labels.
  3. Orders must be placed through our website, with the correct delivery address included at the time of ordering. Labels should then be submitted by email to the sales team. 
  4. We ship Amazon parcels with our standard couriers (DPD in the UK) and delivery timescales are subject to the carriers being able to secure delivery slots at the destination centre. As a result, we cannot guarantee delivery dates and cannot entertain claims for nondelivery until 21 days after dispatch (extended to 42 days during Q4). 
  5. It is your responsibility to ensure that the products you order are appropriate for the ASIN you are sending them in against. We will not accept responsibility if the product is incorrect, has a non-matching barcode or experiences other foreseeable issues during the inbound process (including being receipted as inners or units instead of packs). If you are unsure as to the suitability of a product for a given ASIN, we invite you to contact our online team for help. We also strongly recommend that you take delivery of goods to your own premises as a trial prior to delivering directly to Amazon.